Chestnut Pavilion – “Sukkah City” Warsaw

project description

1-10 October 2012
Plac Grzybowski, Warsaw, Poland

Sukkah is a impermanent structure created as a commemoration of the dwellings, which gave a temporary shelter to the Israelites on their migration away from Egypt. Sukkah City event originates from New York, where in 2010 international competition chose twelve architects to build and present, their modern versions of the ancient structures. The results of their work have been presented in Union Square Park. Two years later Warsaw has a chance to host its own Sukkah City event. JCC (Jewish Community Center) Warsaw has chosen five architectural offices to construct their interpretations of Sukkah, which can be viewed in Plac Grzybowski from 1st of October for ten days.

project facts

Sukkah’s design rules:
• “The roof must be made from something that once grew in the ground, and is no longer attached to the earth”
• “In day, one must have more shade than sunshine”
• “At night, one must be able to see the stars from within the Sukkah, through the roof”
• “The Sukkah must be at least 10 Handbreadths tall”
• “The roof cannot be made of utensils, or anything conventionally functional when is not part of the Sukkah”
• “The third wall doesn't need to be complete”
• “Roof cannot be made out of food”
• “The Sukkah must enclose a minimum area of at least 7 x 7 square handbreadths”
• “The Sukkah must draw the eye up to its roof, and to the sky beyond”

Following the above mentioned “manifesto” our proposal for the Sukkah refers to both its location and specific time of the year adding other meaningful layers to the already quite characteristic construction typology. Warsaw is a place, where at this time of the year, kids have a great opportunity, to get to know basic concepts of construction for the first time. They gather chestnuts from the ground and then connect them with wooden sticks attempting to create simple forms which often resemblance animal figures. We have decided to take up a challenge of verifying, whenever it is possible to use the chestnuts as a real construction material. Hanging from a rather iconic wooden structure the small fruit is assembled into a catenary, to fulfill the function of roof and walls at the same time.


People involved:
Krzysztof Banaszewski, Małgorzata Kuciewicz, Simone De Iacobis, Kasia Kuźmińska, Krzysztof Syruć, Jelena Markovic, Davide Gravino, Michal Supron, Paul Juin, Magda Pawlikiewicz

– official event website
– New York’s “Sukkah City 2010” website

Structure details:
Dimensions: 2.0 x 2.0 x 2.4m
Primary structure: wood
Secondary structure: string and wooden sticks
Roof and wall cover: chestnuts (over 8000)

by project advancement
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